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Items of Tom's Modelworks and White Ensign Models have been arrived.

by フリートネット 管理人
Following products have been arrived. The items that marked with asterisk are new items. Without asterisk, they are restocked.

【Tom's Modelworks】
1/700 IJN Kawasaki Type Tanker
1/700 German Navy Aircraftcarrier Graf Zeppelin
1/700 Merchant Ship

【White Ensign Models】
1/350 US Navy Aircraftcarrier Enterprise CVN-65 (The ship)
1/350 US Navy Aircraftcarrier Enterprise CVN-65 (The Airwing)
1/350 US Navy Aircraftcarrier Nimitz
1/350 USN Spruance Class Destroyers
1/350 US Navy Ticonderoga class Cruisers
1/350 US Navy Aircraftcarrier Nimitz C (Supplementary, Late fit)
1/350 IJN Battleship Kongo/Kirishima
1/350 IJN Mogami class Heavycruisers
1/350 German Navy Heavycruiser Prinz Eugen
1/350 German Navy Battlecruiser Scharnhorst
1/700 Flower class Corvette
1/700 Royal Navy O class Destroyers
1/700 Royal Navy Battlecruiser Hood
1/700 Royal Navy County class Heavy Cruiser
1/700 Royal Navy Type 42 Destroyer
1/700 Russian Navy Kirov class Missile Cruiser
1/700 US Navy Battleship Missouri (WW2 Iowa class)
1/700 Royal Navy Battlecuiser Tiger
1/700 German Navy Deutschland class Battleship
1/700 Russian Navy Sovremenny Class Destroyers
1/700 Royal Navy E and F Class Destroyers
1/700 USN Baltimore Class Heavycruisers
1/700 Russian Navy Slava Class Missile Cruisers
1/700 Royal Navy Type 45 Destroyers
1/700 IJN Heavycruiser MOGAMI 1944
1/700 Royal Navy Heavycruiser London (after rebuild)
1/700 Royal Navy Battleship Barham (WW2 era)
1/700 Italian Navy Littorio Class Battleship
1/700 Royal Navy Aircraftcarrier HMS Ark Royal
1/700 Royal Navy Battleship Queen Elizabeth/Valiant


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